• They came for unarmed African-American teens and I said nothing because I’m white.
  • He said all Mexicans were rapists and drug dealers.  I shrugged…… maybe some, but all? I doubt it.
  • They said any news that does flatter the President is fake,   Maybe, the media is after all, biased!
  • They said intolerant people could use “religious freedom” as an excuse to discriminate. I shook my head and wondered when did “hate” became a religion?
  • They insist that school shootings are a fact of life and a price our kids have to pay to protect the rights of gun owners and the interests of the gun industry. I don’t have any kids in school at the moment so it really doesn’t matter to me.
  • They said transgender people should be forced to deny who they are because a one in a million pervert misuses public restrooms.   I wondered if they had nothing better to think about.
  • They picked a fight with the most tolerant, inclusive nation on Earth and out best friend, Canada. Was that necessary?  I dunno know.  I don’t follow international trade BS.
  • They’ve shown more deference to the rich than any other constituent group in this country by giving them big tax cuts and giving big polluters permission to poison our environment once again. Makes me wish I owned stock in Koch Industries, haha.
  • Now they’re kidnapping innocent Latino children and holding them for political ransom in detention centers that my tax dollars are paying for. That seems a bit unAmerican, doesn’t it?

Just before they take away my right to express myself I might just call and talk to my Congressperson’s answering machine and say something about this stuff.

America, act now.  Waiting for them to come for you is like thinking you can smoke cigarettes until you get cancer.



(Based on the famous poem, “First they came for the Socialists” by Martin Neimoller)