Tent of Abraham

For the sake of ten I will not destroy it

About the Tent of Abraham

It was in the Tent of Abraham where a humble man encountered the Sacred Force that ennobles the human spirit to do good.   It was in the Tent of Abraham where a loving couple was blessed with joy and laughter in the autumn of life.  It was in the Tent of Abraham where the living God appeared and offered comfort to an ailing friend.  It was in the Tent of Abraham where a humble man argued with the Creator of all Life for the welfare of the innocent.

The Tent of Abraham calls on us to be compassionate seekers of peace, laughter, love, humility, and justice.

It is the intent of this blog to inspire, inform, induce an occasional chuckle, and hopefully motivate people to utilize their God-given talents, skills, love, and wisdom in the cause of building a better world.

Mitch Gilbert

Some words of wisdom from one of my teachers that eloquently expresses my thinking about social justice and the role of religion in our lives.

True greatness consists in our using our strength, our wealth, our wisdom and our power to build communities of love, justice and caring, to reach out to those who cannot fend for themselves, to build bridges with all humanity and with all living things, to care for the earth and all who dwell upon it. By harnessing our material blessings to concern for our fellow human beings, we make ourselves more godly. By learning that “what I own, I owe”, we can teach ourselves to find contentment not in what can be lost (possessions, looks, power, prestige) but in what is eternal—gratitude, camaraderie, love, and fellowship. ~Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson


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