In recent days a number of friends have decried how Sarah Sanders was kicked out of restaurant over the weekend.

“We can’t become animals because we don’t agree with her and her boss?”

“We can’t let differences in political opinion makes us enemies of one another.”

So the question I am wrestling with (all the time lately) are Trump and his supporters good people with a different opinion/values system or are they the white supremacist/autocrats I tend to see them as????    

  • Is this video a fluke or the new normal in Trump’s Amerikkka? 
  • If this administration hated Jews as overtly as they denigrate and mistreat Mexicans……how polite, patient and respectful would my fellow Jews and their nonJewish family/friends be towards Trump supporters?
  • If this administration treated white-Chrisitian Canadians at the US – Canada border the way they are treating brown-skin people at our southern border, would we be as respectful of their different point of view?
  • At what point do we say: bigoted, dishonest, disreputable, people and their supporters are running this country and we can’t show them anymore respect than they we would members of the Klan or the Nazi Party?
  • How is Sarah Sanders different?  Because everyday she lies and edits the truth in the cause of spraying perfume on the stench of the intolerant policies of the President she works for? 
  • Would you welcome Richard Spencer of David Duke into your business?  At what point -if any, do we stop denying White House staffers the camouflage of promoting just a “different” but still legitimate vision of Amerikkka?