“But do you believe the Holocaust happened?  Do you acknowledge that Hitler murdered 6 million Jews?”  No matter how many times or in how many ways CNN’s Piers Morgan posed the question, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was either evasive or outright hostile to the idea of having to acknowledge the evils perpetrated against a segment of humanity that he loathes.

FACT:  The only people who deny or question whether or not the Holocaust took place are Jew-haters. For anti-Semites,  it is simply anathema to acknowledge the fact that a tribe of humanity that you despise were the victims of the most sophisticated attempt at genocide in human history.

I couldn’t stand watching this weasel try to bob and weave his way out of the questions being thrown at him. Evil liars like the Iranian President make me angry, frustrated and despondent about the state of our world.

It was time to change the channel.  Ironically, and totally by coincidence,  I turned to Turner Classic Movies to find relief. The Diary of Anne Frank was on. At that very  moment I had a catharsis:  Evil did not die with Hitler and the Nazis who murdered 1.2 million Jewish children for the crime of being born Jewish.  Amalek is around in every generation causing mischief and mayhem.

Barack Obama is right, it is not in the interests of the America and the world that the current regime in Iran develop nuclear weapons.  Ahmadinejad is proof that Amalek is very much alive and is as deadly as he ever.

It is not just good policy to stop Amalek, it is a mitzvah, an obligation.