Typical undecided voter: I don’t follow the news; I have no core convictions or values. I decide who to vote for based on who has the slickest TV commercials. In short, I’m a moron.

I found myself not only laughing but screaming: YES! YES! YES! at my TV tonight when this skit came on SNL.

How is it that an educated, thinking American can truly be “undecided” in this day and age?

Is it really possible for someone to NOT have an opinion about women’s rights? About the role of government? About our shared responsibilities for the less fortunate?  About government oversight of the private sector? About immigrants, equality and LGBT people?

Isn’t it ironic that in our ‘democracy’ more times than not it is the so-called “UNDECIDED” voter who is going to determine the outcome of every election!   Democracy is the worst form of government, except for everything else that civilization has tried.

Who is an undecided voter?   Can you say: DOH?