I’ve been listening to Rush Limbaugh almost everyday lately to compile a list of his remaining sponsors.  That effort unfortunately includes having to listen to his delusional, paranoid, intolerant rants.  Time and again over the past week, Limbaugh has suggested that he and other Republicans have no issues with women and that the whole “war against women” scenario that liberals are screaming about is an intentional mis-characterization of him and other Republicans for political purposes.

Considering that one of the cornerstones of political and social conservatives is the idea of the individual assuming responsibility for his or her own actions, isn’t it ironic that Limbaugh, Santorum and other virulently misogynist Republicans who want to legislate  probes of a women’s vagina’s and make them have the babies of rapists, prove time and again of being totally incapable of assuming any responsibility for their words and deeds?