Whenever I get into heated exchanges with Republicans and “independents” who despise President Obama, I always find myself asking them for specific facts to back up their ridiculous claims about the profound damage they say he has done to America.  Outside of the requirement that all Americans must have some kind of health insurance, none have any tangible reasons for passionately opposing ‘Obamacare.’  The government bail-out of the auto industry was an  act of socialism; despite all evidence that suggests that previous administrations have contributed more to the national debt, Obama they are sure, has destroyed the economy and mortgaged our children’s future.

Obama-haters are quite sure he is not an American Christian;  he was born in a foreign country and with a name like that, you just know he must be Muslim. (And as we all know, all Muslims are murdering terrorists bent on world domination.)  Republican politicians are rude to this President and speak of “taking back the country” as if Barack Obama were the imposed military ruler of a foreign enemy.  Fox Noise and other conservative propaganda outlets describe him daily as one of the most inept, incompetent, deceitful people to every occupy the Oval Office.

Why do so many hate this man? Why  can’t President Obama not say or do anything right by some people? Why do other elected leaders stick their finger in his face or heckle him when he speaks to Congress?  Why is the President who saved the auto industry and Wall Street, accused of being anti-business?”  Why, in spite of Obama having increased American aid to Israel; having provided Israel with the latest in American military technology; having promised to veto any efforts by the Palestinians at the UN to unilaterally declare the creation of Palestine; why is this President considered by so many as an enemy of Israel?  Why are President Obama’s efforts to protect the rights of women and advance the rights of LGBT people derided as a war on religion?

So what really makes this President different from other Presidents, from both parties, who were never so hated or mistreated.  We all know the answer to that.

This new line of signs, bumper stickers and t-shirts may be the most honest commentary on the true feelings of the Obama-haters than all their all aimless, mindless, angry arguments against 44th President of the United States.