It’s funny what moments we remember from old TV shows.  My favorite moment in the last Bob Newhart series (1982-1990) was actually in the final episode when he woke up in bed with Suzanne Pleshette who had played his wife in an earlier series (1972-1978).

My favorite moment of the old Murphy Brown series (1988-1998) starring Candice Bergen was the episode in which Frank Fontana, played by Joe Regalbuto, exclaims, “Cheer up Murphy, the Republicans are still in power.  One of them is bound to be indicted for something soon!”

Seeing a golden opportunity to embarrass the GOP hypocrites who preach morality in public and too often violate ethics or break the law in private, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) this week announced the creation of a new website:   The website is dedicated to highlighting Republican members of Congress who have run afoul of the law or are facing ethics reviews.

In seeking reelection from his own district and upon assuming the Speaker’s position, John Boehner proclaimed that he would maintain a “zero tolerance” policy towards members of the House of Representatives who violate ethical standards.  Well?  How ‘bout Speaker Boehner?  

Jesse Ferguson, spokesman for the DCCC observed:

“Voters are finding out that Republicans leaders have zero intention of carrying through on their zero-tolerance pledge for Republicans’ ethics scandals and corruption. Each month it seems another scandal-plagued Republican is revealed. Republicans’ top priorities are their special interest allies, ultra-wealthy campaign contributors, their campaign treasuries and their personal bank accounts — not the best interest of middle-class families and seniors.”

At the moment, several House Republicans are being investigated for violating campaign finance laws and unethical behavior.  Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-Fla) is accused of reimbursing employees who had contributed well over $90,000 in illegal straw donations to his campaign.  Buchanan also happens to be the Vice Chairman of Finance for the National Republican Congressional Committee.   Contrary to House ethics rules, Buchanan also failed to disclose his business relationships with more than a dozen private companies.  But then, who among the proverbial 1% don’t have numerous business associations in the private sector?

Republican Michael Grimm of New York is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee for “allegedly” extorting a local rabbi and his congregants into donation as much as half a million dollars to his congressional campaign. is also highlighting investigations underway of the following Republican members of the House of Representatives:  Pete Sessions (R-Texas), Frank Guinta (R-N.H.), Gary Miller (R-Calif.), Tim Griffin (R-Ark.) and Mary Bono Mack (R-Calif.). Check out out each month for updates; there are bound to be many and frequent.