Public Policy Polling (PPP) have released the results of a survey of registered voters in Mississippi and Alabama.  Sorry to say, the results of the survey reinforce every stereo-type about the sophistication, intelligence and prejudices of many conservative southerners.

When asked:  “Do you think Barack Obama is a Christian or a Muslim or are you not sure?”  Only 14% believe the President’s claim to being a Christian; 45% believe he is a Muslim and 41% are not sure.

76% identify as Republican;  3% as Democrats and 11% as independents
60% Do not believe in evolution
68% Describe themselves as Evangelical Christians
53% Have a favorable opinion of Rush Limbaugh; 33% do not
21% Believe that inter-racial marriage should be illegal

Can you imagine the results of a similar survey in major urban centers on the American East and West coasts?  Anyone wondering why the most affluent, technologically advanced democracy on Earth is still struggling to provide equal rights and equality in human services to all of its citizens need look no further than these responses.