According to Dylan’s sister who took the video below, coming out of the closet and informing his family that he was bisexual was one of the hardest, most courageous things Dylan has ever done in his life.  Coming out of the closet isn’t easy for any LGBT person, especially if your Dad happens to be an “old school Italian hard-ass.”

As a way of explaining who he is to his Dad and the world, Dylan got the famous line, “BORN THIS WAY” tattooed on his arm in Lady Gaga’s handwriting.  To show his son just how much he still loves him and accepts who he is, Dylan’s Dad got the same words, “BORN THIS WAY” tattooed on his arm; but his language of choice was Italian.

Check out this amazing, emotional video that reminds us that when all is said and done, genuine love counts more than anything else in this world.