Any intellectually honest person who has watched Fox Noise  on occasion, knows all too well that many social and political conservatives are masterful at denying facts and spinning the truth to serve their agenda.  (E.G. The entire U.S. debt was created during President Obama’s term in office.)

"What do the damn facts have to do with anything? I'll tell you what to believe!"

Since President Obama moved into the White House, Republicans in general and neoconservatives in particular have been trying very hard to win over the loyalty of American Jews who usually vote Democratic and are consistently socially progressive.  One of the sneaky, slimy ways they are trying to accomplish that goal these days, is by painting the President and other Democrats as anti-Israel.

In fact, a group of neo-conservatives under the skillful leadership of Bill Kristol, editor of right-wing publication, The Weekly Standard, have created an organization, The Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) for just that purpose.

In a professionally produced propaganda video, the ECI tries to suggest that the organizers and participants in the Occupy Wall Street Movement are anti-Semitic and anti-Israel.  As such, anyone showing any kind of respect or support for the Occupy Wall Street cause, must also be…….

At the beginning of the video, Democratic politicians including President Obama are shown expressing empathy for the concerns being raised by the protesters.  Then, the video shows a few pro-Palestinian signs and clips of isolated verbal exchanges.  The verbal clashes include the usual anti-Semitic crack-pots who make an appearance at every political protest to proclaim the evils the Jewish cabal that secretly runs the world.

What?  You don’t believe that  2-3 signs and a couple unidentified bigoted idiots shooting off their mouths isn’t enough evidence to make the case that all the Occupy Wall Street protesters are Jew haters?  What’s wrong with you?  Stop thinking!   Here, judge for yourself:

But consider if you will, two of the many videos available on the web, that show hundreds of people at the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in Lower Manhattan participating in a Kol Nidre Service on Yom Kippur, Friday evening, October 7th.  And more recently, a video surfaced showing Occupy Wall Street protesters preparing to build a “Sukkah” on October 12th for the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

If  the Occupy Wall Street protesters are really rabid anti-Israel anti-Semites, were those videos of Jewish holiday observances being welcomed by the Occupy Wall Street protesters just staged for propaganda purposes?  No, the left doesn’t work that way.  But the political right, consistently does.

You may want to  let the Emergency Committee for Israel know that their latest  propaganda effort failed miserably. As usual, the facts are the right-wings worst enemy.