Today, the Jewish State of Israel began the process of exchanging 1,027 Palestinian prisoners of war for the life of one Israel soldier, Gilad Shalit.

Today, the Jewish State of Israel returned to the Gaza and West Bank, hundreds of men and women who had been charged with murdering Israeli civilians in acts of terrorism.  They were welcomed home as freedom-fighters by crowds shouting in Arabic: “We want another Shalit.”

Today in Canada, the Palestinian Authority’s envoy left the country after being recalled to Ramallah.  Linda Sobeh Ali, the charge d’affaires of the Palestinian

Linda Sobeh Ali, the charge d'affaires of the Palestinian delegation to Ottawa

delegation to Ottawa, angered the Canadian government earlier in the week when she tweeted a link to video that showed a very emotional Palestinian girl reciting a poem in Arabic.   The English subtitles, translated one verse of the poem as calling on Palestinians: “to a war that raze the injustice and oppression and destroy the Jews.” 

Unlike the United States, where freedom of speech is considered the single most important civil liberty, Canada and many Western European countries have laws that prohibit hate-speech against any religion, race or ethnic group.

A tearful Sobeh told CTV News that she felt terrible about this tweet and that she actually hadn’t seen the video and had she known what the subtitles said, she would never have shared the link with others.

In the meantime, it has been noted that the actual translation of the verse in question should have read: “to a war that is destroying oppression and kill the soul of Zionism.”  Jewish communal leaders in Canada don’t see a significant difference in the meaning.

Kudos to the Canadian government for their zero tolerance for the promotion of hate. One can’t help but wonder if promoting such hateful propaganda is the unofficial policy of the PA, or not.  Was Sobeh doing her job or did she real commit a diplomatic faux-pas?

All things considered, the easiest, most important step to be taken in the search for peace would be for the Palestinian Authority to definitively tell their people that they seek a genuine peace with the State of Israel and that the time has finally come to bring an end to the culture of hate for Jews and Israel that has permeated the Arab world in general, and the Palestinian media and school system for too long.

Below, are three videos.  The first is the video that cost Sobeh her job.  The other videos present vivid evidence of how the Palestinian media promote hate against Jews and Israel in their programming for children.