Yesterday we learned that Hillary Clinton and Helen Keller were to be removed from the history textbooks in Texas public schools. Now, this story comes out about a Texas GOP candidate for governor who wants to personally murder gay people.

Doesn’t all news like this from the Lone Star State just make you want to pack up your home up and move there tomorrow to rejoin life in the 19th Century American west?

While American troops are dying to keep the insane Taliban out of power in Afghanistan the American State of Texas more times than not appears to be governed by intolerant, Bible thumping, autocratics who honestly…… are no more civilized than the Taliban.   

(reprinted from LGBTQ Nation)

A Republican candidate for Texas governor has expressed a desire to murder gay people, as well as those who commit adultery and bestiality.

“I’d gladly execute a convicted adulterer, sodomite or bestialiter. Biblical law is a blessin,” Larry Kilgore wrote in a since deleted Facebook post, sharing a story about so-called “bestiality brothels” in Germany.

Kilgore, who apparently doesn’t believe in the Sixth Commandment, is a perennial “also ran” in Republican primaries, having fallen short in two previous bids to become governor, as well as a run at the Senate in 2008.

That year, he said he was in favor of the death penalty for abortion, adultery, and homosexuality, and flogging for the “offenses” of transvestism and using vulgar language.

Meanwhile, Texas also has two openly gay candidates for governor, Democrats Jeffrey Payne and Dallas County Sheriff Lupe Valdez.

Kilgore, who for a time had legally changed his middle name to SECEDE, appeared on The Daily Show in 2013 to lay out his anti-American agenda.

The Texas Board of Education has for years being trying to rewrite history to suggest that the Civil War was not about slavery, treat evolution as a theory not a science and suggest that America is really a Christian nation and Texas a republic that could go independent when and if it so chooses.