One of the many myths perpetrated by the political right is that socialism is inherently evil.  I agree if your definition of socialism is limited to totalitarian communist countries such the former Soviet Union or the People’s Republic of China, socialism is ineffectual and destructive.

But if you can define socialism as recognition that an ethical-moral civilization must put the needs of the many ahead of greed and self-interest of the few, socialism is not evil but the most practical way of addressing our common needs and interests.

  • Socialism is a community hiring teachers to educate their children.
  • Socialism is a community organizing police and fire departments to serve everyone.
  • Socialism is the realization that while Mr. Smith has every right to have a restaurant on Main Street, Mr. Smith must maintain that business in accordance with reasonable standards that protect his customers from food poisoning.
  • Socialism isn’t about hindering a new factory from opening in town but is about the community insisting that the factory not jeopardize the air and water that everyone depends upon.
  • Socialism is the realization that community standards and interests must always take precedence over the interests of any group or single person. E.G.

♦Yes, you can own a gun in our town, but only if your not a convicted felon,  a person with diagnosed mental health problems, etc.

♦Yes, you can own property but that doesn’t give you the right to do things on your property that interfere with the quality of life of others.

♦Yes, you can own a car but you have to obey traffic regulations to safeguard the rights and safety of others.

Socialism is NOT about limiting your rights or ability to acquire more wealth than others, it’s about remembering that this world wasn’t created for you alone and that you and I as civilized human beings have a responsibility to live with each other in such a way that we affirm our and protect our common interests.

Still don’t get it?  Maybe this video will help.