Great news for gun loving, White conservative Americans who know that most Black people are either on the dole or committing crimes:  Feel free to shoot any African-American teen wearing a hoody! Lynching a Black person in this country is now called Stand Your Ground In Self Defense.

Not only will you get away with shooting African-American men down, you’ll probably get hundreds of thousands of dollars in the mail for your defense fund from others who also know the “truth about them” and all the time you want on Fox Noise to tell the world that you were the real victim.

African-American men were, are and will always be expendable.  So here’s the plan:

  1. Cut off all social assistance and educational opportunities for poor people, most of whom are undesirables anyway.

  2. With all of them broke and uneducated they will resort to crime.

  3. If we can’t throw them in jail we can shoot them at anytime, even if  the guy is  just a 17 years old “boy” eating Skittles and minding his own business,.

In the immortal words of George Zimmerman, we’re sick and tired of  “these assholes, they always get away. “

But we’re not gonna let them get away with it anymore, are we?!!   Load and aim Amerikkka, a jury in Florida said it was it’s your right to take’em out!