Can you imagine the hue and cry that would be heard across America if a liberal Democrat suggested that the American people openly revolt against their government? Did you ever notice the higher -and I dare say double standard liberal thinking Americans are held when it comes to criticism of our national leaders?  How often have we heard the cranks and demagogues on the right question the loyalty and patriotism of Democrats and progressive thinking Americans when we question or criticize the policies or actions of our government? 

But when the shoe is on the other foot no one is surprised and most people are seemingly indifferent to overt hostility  from the kooks on the extreme right who for the better part of the last 5.5 years have encouraged Americans to be insubordinate to the policies and laws enacted under the leadership of America’s first President of color.

Does the fact that most reasonable, thinking Americans expect incendiary stupidity to come out of the mouth of people like Pat Robertson mean that we should just ignore such verbiage when such people openly encourage people to defy the laws of the land?

Do people who define themselves as conservative Christian patriots have he right to promote sedition in America?  Obviously they think they do. 


Why do we tolerate sedition from the political right in this country?