CM Capture 1

I’ve lost count over the years of the many memorable SNL characters that made it worthwhile to tune in each week.  To this day, I can’t hear someone order a ‘cheeseburger’ without images of John Belushi yelling cheeseburger-cheeseburger to a short order cook regardless of what the customers at the Olympia Diner were actually ordering.

My favorite sarcastic retort upon hearing something bizarre is, Well, isn’t that special?  And if I have any say in the matter, I want Linda Richman, aka Mike Myers, to give the eulogy at my funeral.  I love the idea of Linda getting repeatedly verklempt talking about my mishagas and providing the bemused assembled mourners with ridiculous topics to ponder while she composes herself. 

These days, you can be sure that I will not only watch, but make sure I download those all too rare, side-splitting commentaries by Weekend Updates City Report, Stefon, aka, Bill Hadar.  Kudos to Hadar for brilliantly capturing the humorous side of some of the gay world’s incredibly licentious, cheeky, narcissistic characters. And bravo Seth Myers who I don’t think has to act very hard to appear to be not in the least bit homophobic.