Yesterday,  in a letter to his 1 million member dioceses, Bishop John Myers of New Jersey implored parishioners to not support marriage equality and suggested that if do, they are no longer worthy of receiving communion.

Today we learned that the Pope told French Bishops that gay people are not fully developed human beings.  Can the Roman Catholic Church be anymore direct in affirming to the world that they do not believe in new knowledge? New understandings of the human condition? Social evolution? Re-interpreting texts written by less sophisticated minds to better serve the very different world of today? Why does the Church insist on always emphasizing negative-prohibitions that religious institutions used to empower themselves and intimidate illiterate people with thousands of years ago instead of focusing on those eternal positive affirmations of faith like love, acceptance and peace?

Why does the Roman Catholic Church continues to behave an act like an institution that closed its minds, libraries and hearts in the Middle Ages?