It’s probably no secret to thinking people of conscience that Rupert Murdoch is probably responsible for more pollution in this world than any other human being, living or dead.  I am of course referring to intellectual pollution: he has made hundreds of millions of dollars by demanding that the various appendages of his News Corporation  lie and spin the news to beguile and manipulate the emotionally and intellectually retarded people of the world.

As any LGBT person can tell you, coming out of the closet, acknowledging to the world that your sexual orientation is not keeping with social and religious norms established by fear, superstition and ignorance long ago, is not an easy step to take.   A few days ago CNN anchor Anderson Cooper confirmed what many have suspected for sometime, he acknowledged that he is gay.  Leave it to a rag owned by Murdoch that is not worthy of even being used as toilet paper to try and demean and discount the significance of public personality coming out of the closet.  The New York Post proclaimed yesterday that Anderson Cooper only came out of the closet in a desperate attempt to improve his ratings.

Murdoch and the sleazy weasels who work for him only wish they had the brains, credibility, talent and ethics of Anderson Cooper.

I’ve always been a fan of Anderson Cooper, CNN’s #1 anchor.  (Sorry Wolf Blitzer; your propensity to utilize exaggerated verbiage and end many if not most of your sentences on a pretentious-dramatic verbal hooks make you just too f*cken annoying!)  Putting Cooper’s very real and commendable skills as a journalist, commentator and interviewer aside for a moment, I have never been more aware or appreciative of the warm, genuine humanity and sense of humor of a major TV news personality.  If I admired Cooper before I witnessed this hysterical, remarkable, memorable moment in his career live, he became something more than a first class professional to me, he became a mensch to be admired, respected and yes, even loved.