The original wedding picture of Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere; the manipulated version sent out in a hateful email .

Until recently, Brian Edwards and Tom Privitere of New York, cherished the above photo which was taken at their wedding.  The the hate organization, Public Advocates for the United States, without permission,  used a photo-shopped version of the picture to create a homophobic mailing to attack State Senator Jean White in Colorado.  As you might have concluded, Senator White is a supporter of marriage equality.

What’s particularly ironic and shameful about the way this these two men and this photo were violated, is that the people responsible claim to be committed to advancing “family values.”

It’s not the people in the photograph who are ethically defecating on God’s love and human decency, it’s the organization, Public Advocates for the U.S.  Of course, they believe their cause is so noble and holy that they can’t possibly be guilty of violating the property rights or privacy of others.

FYI, Eugene Delgaudio is the President of the Public Advocates for the U.S..  His email address is:

This is State Senator Jean White.  If you’d like to thank her for being a leader in the battle for equality, she can be reached at: