• Because the people who say “no” to everything related to investing in our people and economy but “yes” to legislation on issues of lifestyle and personal choice are unqualified politically, ethically and morally to lead.

  • Because America deserves a competent, intelligent, man of values and decency who is more committed to our nation, humanity and justice than those who believe that financial gain is always the first priority.

  • Because America deserves a President who knows that if people don’t have jobs, education and training,  health care and the basic necessities of life, that’s not a their problem, that a our problem.  And let’s be clear, thinking that way is not socialism that’s called moral, ethical leadership.

  • Because America deserves a President who knows that a nation like a  community is only as strong and viable as the commitment of its citizens to one another.

Be part of the solution, not the problem. 

Re-elect the person who saved our economy; restored our nation’s prestige in the world and genuinely respects and is committed to serving each and every American.