This is a picture of four men who were recently hung in Iran for being gay. It is apparent from this video that there are preachers in this country like Charles L. Worley who believe that the way 3rd world countries respond to homosexuality is perfectly valid.

I’m posting this frightening video without commentary.  But I do wish to pose a few pertinent questions to the readers of my blog:

1.  In this country, freedom of speech is a cherished civil liberty that we take great pride in protecting regardless of who says what about whom.  In Canada and in a number of European countries, it is illegal to verbally promote hate and or violence against any group in society.  In a country that cherishes free speech, is there a point at which hateful words are so clearly dehumanizing as to promote not just prejudice but acts of violence? At what point do we recognize that some speech is so incendiary as to be what Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes described as a danger to public safety?  EG: Holmes famous example of such words is yelling fire in a crowded theater without cause.

2.  Only another ignorant person would look at this video and say, “I concur.”  So one can’t help but wonder, is stupidity an excuse for promoting and antipathy, prejudice and harmful behavior?  Is there a point at which society may legally say to the ignorant person, shut up or you will go to jail? 

Then again, look at the bright side: We can all just say it is the civil right of Pastor Charles Worley of Providence Road Baptist Church in North Carolina to promote hate and violence against LGBT people and hope that the next time a gay or lesbian teen or adult in his community is bullied to the extent that the victim feels that suicide is his or her only option or and LGBT person is savagely beaten to death, the victim’s family in cooperation with the Southern Poverty Law Center will sue Worley and his church for everything they’ve got including the clothes on his back?

But does someone really have to die before reasonable people silence this dangerous fool?

Since this video was first posted, all contact information for Pastor Worley and his church has been removed from the web.  We were able to find this contact information if you feel so inclined as to share your thoughts with this “man of God.”

Charles Worley
Providence Road Baptist Church
3283 Providence Mill Road  Maiden, NC 28650
(828) 428-2518