The usually brilliant and comical Jon Stewart didn’t let us down last night (3/5/21012) in taking on Rush Limbaugh and the right-wing politicians and pundits who have ridiculed Sandra Fluke’s efforts to promote the importance of contraceptives being a medical expense covered by insurance.

As this blog and every other publication in the world has noted in recent days, Limbaugh suggested that Fluke was a “slut and prostitute” for asking ‘others’ to cover the expenses of personal sex-life.   Advertisers are fleeing Limbaugh in droves.  We are ourselves decided that it was worth a 3 hour investment of our time today to listen to the bombastic-blow hard who thinks that thinking women who demand to be treated fairly are all femme-Nazis,  to compile a list of the companies and individuals that bankroll his angry, hate-ridden daily rants.  I’m still not sure if I can stomach listening to this delusional, paranoid bigot everyday, but do intend to keep an updated list of his sponsors that I will publish on this blog and my Facebook page.

Please pass this sponsor list along to others and be sure to post the local sponsors of Limbaugh’s show in your community.

Stand with Sandra Fluke



March 6, 2012


Allstate Insurance
Cash for Gold
Constant Contact
Financial Providence Group
First Option Lending
Global Builder – Restoration
Hillsdale College
Income At
Lear Capital
Winning Our Future – Super PAC supporting Newt Gingrich
Robert Steinberg, Esq (Texas)
WOW Cable


Atlas Butler – Columbus
China Dynasty Restaurant – Columbus
Classic Air – Columbus
Clintonville Dental
JD Equipment – Columbus
Columbus franchise of MiniMaids
My Handyman (Columbus Franchise)
Ohio Christian University
The Gentle Dentist – Worthington
Schmidt’s Restaurant – ColumbuS
Simple Bath – Ohio

Contact Rush Limbaugh’s sponsors on their websites.  Let them know

that you will not patronize any business that makes his misogynist,

intolerant radio rants possible!