Seems there is finally some consensus on the question posed by this Time cover from 1995.

Sponsors are abandoning Rush Limbaugh these days almost as fast as Mitt Romney can make change for a thousand dollar bill.  But let’s be honest: if you are a thinking, educated person who reads, watches and listens to multiple sources of information to get your news of the world; and you are someone who formulates opinions  based on facts, altruism and the truth:  watching the bellicose, bombastic, braggadocios,  belligerent, beastly brat of the conservative radio airwaves (I dare you to say 6 ‘b’ words 3 times without tripping!) spin-out, is a sheer delight.

Since 1984, Rush has made hundreds of millions of dollars pandering to intellectually limited, confused, bigoted, cynical, misogynist, reactionary Americans.  What’s truly amazing is that his intolerant, hate-ridden, delusional verbiage has gotten him into this kind of profound trouble before.

But in suggesting that Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke  is a promiscuous slut, Rush finally stepped over a proverbially line that no apology will excuse.  Fluke, a Georgetown University law student, has very publicly and passionately spoken out in favor of requiring insurance companies to cover the costs of contraceptives.  Fluke has aptly pointed out that coverage for birth control will make contraceptives more readily available to financially struggling women and in turn, decrease the number of unwanted pregnancies and abortions.  Rather than respond to Fluke’s thoughtful arguments, Limbaugh told the wold she was just a promiscuous slut asking the government to provide contraceptive for he active sex life.

Political and social pundits from across the political and social spectrum have denounced Limbaugh’s comments.  Last week, President Obama personally called Fluke to offer words of encouragement and support.

With his reputation in free-fall, sponsors who previously may not have thought twice about helping to pay Limbaugh’s $400 million contract with Clear Channel Broadcasting, started fleeing his sinking ship on Friday.   In round one,, Quicken Loans and Sleep Number beds announced they would no longer be advertising on the Limbaugh hot-air show.  Limbaugh may have thought he could reverse course with a public apology Friday afternoon, but it was apparently too late.

Over the weekend, Citrix, Carbonite and then today, ProFlowers and Go To Meeting announced that they no longer wished to be associated with America’s most infamous woman-hater.  All over the blogosphere, people are posting messages and Tweets encouraging Americans to boycott any sponsors who are still  ‘standing by their man.’  No doubt, advertisers sticking by Rush will be doing so at their own peril.

If you are not all that familiar with Limbaugh and are possibly wondering if he simply slipped up this one time and let his anger cloud his better judgment, consider that just 72 hours ago, in commenting on the difficulties NASCAR driver Danica Patrick is having, Limbaugh asked his 20 million listeners, “what do you expect from a woman driver?”