I often argue these days that so many seemingly “good people” are loyal to the likes of Donald Trump because he is a nasty, verbal bully. Bullies by definition exude a false sense of cocky confidence. Are you angry and disappointed with the world? Line up behind the bully you believe can protect you from all the people you despise and fear.

Let’s be honest folks, too many of us on the left enjoy laughing at the nasty shtick of Bill Maher because we’re glad he’s knocking so many of the people and right-wing causes we loath.

Some years ago I started to wonder just how sincere Maher was about tolerance and inclusion with his frequent Islamaphobic rants. They were and are hostile, ill-informed, and judgemental. With shame, I now admit that I let that concern go by the wayside because I enjoyed his verbal assaults on Republicans, Trump, and all deplorables.

But his May 20,2022 vitriolic attack on our society’s growing interest in gender fluidity and our ethical obligation to allow our children to explore their own gender identities, was as mean, self-righteous, and bigoted as any Republican rant about immigrants and the crime and disease they bring with them.

Bye-bye Bill. I realize now you’re just another winey American curmudgeon taking it out on folks you know little about and are apparently quite afraid of.