If you doubt that there is a strong correlation between right-wing thinking and bigotry, you are incredibly naive. If you doubt there is a strong correlation between right-wing thinking and anti-Semitism in particular, you’re in denial.

The Jewish people have been humanity’s favorite scapegoat from time immemorial. When life gives you lemons and you don’t know why, blame the Jews.

One of Fox’s professional agitators, Laura Logan has a new bubbe meise for all those Bible belchers who are sure the Genesis creation story is God’s honest truth and who experience apoplexy just from hearing the word evolution.

Ya know that tribe that killed our lord invented communism, started both World Wars, and love to promote

Upset about something? Blame the Jews.

homosexuality and abortions? Those same folks, paid Charles Darwin to invent evolution just to mess with your head!

The Fox Nation host asked her viewers, “Does anyone know who employed Darwin? Where does Darwinism come from? Look it up. The Rothschilds.”

Ariella Mardsen, a writer for the Jerusalem Post, reports that Logan went on to say, “I’m just saying Darwin was hired by someone to come up with a theory based on evidence,” she added that evolution is a chicken or egg debate and cannot be answered scientifically. Oh really? Yet another example of the least informed angry folks knowing better than hundreds of thousands of scientists over the centuries.

No one familiar with the gobbledegook Fox Noise spews out as news to incite less sophisticated malcontents should be surprised to learn of Fox’s latest contribution to hate and tribalism.

There’s a part of me that wants to go full Will-Smith on Rupert Murdoch’s face and ask him if he believes the crap Fox poisons our airwaves with? But I know the answer, he doesn’t. The only thing Rupert Murdoch cares about is the acquisition of money and power. If lying to millions of boorish kvetches will increase ratings this vile human being doesn’t really care what’s true or not. Nor does he give a flying schtup what his toxic news outlets have done to common decency, trust in the media, and social harmony.