It was readily apparent during the Trump Presidency that the con-artist in chief had a curious loyalty to Vladimir Putin. Trump not only continually praised the Russian despot but went out of his way to suggest on occasions that America’s own intelligence agencies got it wrong when it came to calling out Putin’s countless crimes and interference in America’s internal affairs. Why? What does Putin have on Trump?

There is no right-wing provocateur more loyal, more deferential to Donald Trump than Madison Cawthorn, a Republican Congressman from North Carolina. Time and again Cawthorn has said that Trump was the greatest president America has ever had. The Big Lie is for Cawthorn not simply an opinion on the recent presidential election but a fact that no evidence to the contrary can challenge. The violent January 6 attack on the Capital building was in Cawthorn’s mind, not some shameful moment in the history of Trumpism, but the first necessary violent assault by authentic American patriots on the deep-state that controls the country,

Much of the world these days is unified in collective disdain for Putin’s barbaric attack on the nation and people of Ukraine. Even in this country where Democrats and Republicans disagree on just about everything, there is a common sense of unity in support of the heroism of the Ukrainian people.

Unfortunately, being the novice political operator, Maidson Cawthorn didn’t get the memo that reminds loud mouths that challenging a cause celebre can find one politically isolated. But in the minds of Trump’s most zealot follower, anyone who dares to not obediently satisfy a request from the dear leader is at best untrustworthy, and worst demonic. And as the world now knows all too well, Vladimir Zelenskyy did not play ball when Trump reached out to him to do some dirty work on his behalf.

And then there’s Trump’s unflaggingly fealty to Putin. We still don’t have the poop on what’s that all about but Madison Cawthorn’s recent shameless, baseless accusations about Zelenskyy and his government being corrupt is a stark reminder of the obedience Putin commands from POTUS 45, aka the con-artist in chief.