Some of the top stories that caught my eye in the last 24 hours have included:

  • More and more local communities are turning to online funding for special civic projects
  • Union Membership is down across the entire country
  • The U.S. economy grew in the final quarter of 2021 at a faster than in any period since 1984
  • Exciting news from Malawi: Immunologist believe the small African country may have achieved herd-immunity to COVID!

And oh yes, Jim Justice, the Republican Governor of West Virginia flashed his pet Babydog’s behind in the middle of his State of the State address and invited Bette Midler and others who have made derogatory jokes about his state to kiss his dog’s ass.

A number of questions immediately come to mind:

  • Is the best way to refute an insult, to confirm it with you words and deeds?
  • Did Gov. Justice show-them,  and silence the folks who might be inclined to make derogatory jokes about some of the folks who call West Virginia home?
  • How many West Virginian’s were proud of their governor’s stunt on such an auspiecious occassion? xHow many were embarassed for him and the state?
  • Did this crude act of animal abuse accomplish anything?  Or did most Americans with some minute amount of class just role their eyes and return to worrying about a potential World War starting in Ukraine, the latest COVID variant, and which of their neighbors and coworkers are sitill unvaccinated?


By the way Governor, you may say you don’t give a hoot what people think, but this cheap stunt was no different than the liar who tries to cover his lies with more BS.

If you can’t play with the big dogs, maybe it’s best you stay on the porch.