CNN’s Jake Tapper was conducting one of his usually informative, reasonable interviews this morning on his State of the Union show. The guest was Anthony Fauci. The topic, why are so many Americans refusing to get a COVID vaccination?

Dr. Fauci was in the middle of making some important points:

  • The vaccine is effective, America’s pandemic nightmare is slowly coming to an end
  • The people now dying from COVID are mostly the unvaccinated
  • Yes, the Delta strain of the virus is dominant but the vaccines prevent most people from who get infected from dying

In response to the question, why are so many people still refusing to get vaccinated, Dr. Fauci expressed frustration with how politicized what should be a medical issue has become. “COVID doesn’t care if you are a Republican or Democrat. Getting the vaccination is about saving your own life and those of the people you love. It’s not about making a political statement.”

But wait…….. Jake Tapper is interrupting the interview to go to a mega breaking story:

Gazillionaire Richard Branson has just returned from space is celebrating himself for a change!
Branson moments after landing


Hearing Branson brag about his latest expensive toys and a 90 minute adventure is more important than discussing the status of a lethal pandemic with one of the most knowledgeable, authoritative health care officials?

How many lives has Richard Branson saved?

How has Richard Branson improved the quality of life on this planet?

Who will have a greater impact on my life, your life and your family’s life when all is said and done, Branson or Fauci?

Ah, but we American’s love and worship our rich people. Our definition of success is based on financial success. And if a rich person is shamelessly insulting and obnoxious we’re sure Jesus must have sent them to save us from our poor, oppressed lives. (Remember the con-artist we empowered to lead the white people won’t give up without a fight movement, AKA the new Republican Party?)

Given a choice of seeing the family doctor about sickness or genuflecting one’s attention and emotions at the feet to of a fake hero like Branson is not really not a tough decision to many Americans.

Why are so many Americans not vaccinated yet? Maybe its because the priorities of the people who spend too much of their lives in front of televisions and the people in the control room at CNN and other mass-media outlets are more focused on fantasies and ratings that reality.

Please, please, please….. save yourself and your loved ones, get vaccinated if you haven’t already. Stop watching Fox Noise and other disreputable sources. They’re in the misinformation business and don’t have your best interests at heart.