Conservative-reactionary folks have long accused Twitter and Facebook of being biased against them. They genuinely believe that people promoting conservative causes are singled out more often than others for temporary or permanent suspensions. I respectfully suggest that what many interpret as anti-conservative bias is really a hard and fast response to overt expressions of racism.

And then there’s me, a bombastic, vitriolic left-winger who sees red when encountering proponents of systemic racism, Trump’ism, the BIG LIE about the election, anti-BLM polemics, anti-Semitism, anti-LGBTI intolerance…. etc.

Yes I do own and wear this t-shirt.

Twitter has temporarily suspended my account 3-4 times because of what they claimed were posts that promoted hate. My account was permanently suspended a couple of months ago as a result of a comment I made about Senator Rand Paul (R, KY). Paul was questioning Dr. Rachel Levine, President Joe Biden’s nominee for assistant Secretary of Health and Human Services. Kentucky’s junior senator suggested that transgender people were guilty of genital mutilation. Dr. Levine is herself transgender.

I stand by my impassioned response:

Sen. Rand Paul scores points with the folks down home by telling Rachel Levine that transgender people like her are ostensibly deranged sick people.

You can put a suit on a dumb-ass redneck but he’s still dumb-ass redneck.

In an email sent me last week by the Twitter lords, I was informed that my profile’s suspension would be permanent. Jack Dorsey’s enforcers accused me of promoting “violence and hate. ” Oh really? Is Rand Paul’s Twitter account still active? Was his venomous, denigrating comment about transgender people not an incendiary expression of hate?

May I share with the actual words of some famous people who vent their spleens on Twitter daily to millions of adoring followers?

  1. I thank god everyday that that fucken dumbshit isn’t in the White House anymore
  2. It’s almost kind of tragically sad, a son willing to repeatedly lie and incriminate himself in order to win the love of a father who is incapable of loving him, but then you realize it’s Donald Trump Jr. and you laugh, because seriously, fuck that guy
  3. The people who attacked the Capital on January 6 are Nazis who shouldn’t be allowed to vote
  4. BLM supporters are nothing but rioting looters looking for an excuse
  5. holy fucking shit, Matt Gaetz is well and truly fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked
  6. have you seen Trump’s latest blog entry? me neither. who gives a fuck what that corroded old racist is whining about now

How come less than friendly verbiage from famous folks have no apparent impact on their status? How many years did Donald Trump get away with posting racist comments and dangerous lies before Twitter’s hypocritical enforcement of community standards became the worst joke ever and the had to act to save face?

A number of people have suggested to me that I shouldn’t flatter myself by thinking that a real person at 1355 Market St in SF (Twitter’s corporate offices) actually looked at my post and decided that I should be silenced. Rather, with hundreds of millions of people on Twitter I was probably charged and prosecuted by an algorithm. Maybe. In point of fact though, I was informed that someone had filed a complaint about my description of Rand Paul that resulted in my suspension.

The sad truth is that millions of people the world over have voluntarily surrendered their online independence for the privilege of hanging out on someone else’s property. That someone-else in turn making billions of dollars from such largess.

When you willingly join a community that does not require any kind of financial compensation from you and does not grant you any membership rights related to oversight and governance, you have become a vassal, a peasant dependent on the whims and foibles of the lord of the manor.

  • No taxation without representation
  • Habeas corpus
  • Inalienable rights
  • Rule of law

For centuries humanity has struggled to articulate the freedoms and rights all people are entitled to. Now it seems that if your need to schmooze, comment, vent your spleen on Facebook or Twitter your perfectly okay with a medieval arrangement of subjugation that is to civil liberties what the Black Plague was to good health.