I’m embarrassed to acknowledge that it took decades of struggling with mean, negative voices in my head before I reminded myself that I was a social worker; how would I advise someone who came to me with the issue(s) I was struggling with?  How would I suggest they respond to those destructive voices in our head that say: what’s the point?  You’re a loser.  You always screw up. If people only knew fucked up you are! Give up.  What’s the point.  You’re worthless.
As a social worker, I would passionately do battle with those voices in other people’s heads.  Why was I still listening to that destructive verbiage that was always trying to bring me down?  Those voices are still articulating destructive messages to me.  But now, I remind myself that the best plans, strategies, and solutions I come up with only occur to me when I listen to the voices of logic, love, hope, and reason.