TRUMP METHODIf you really believe that America’s spending billions of dollars to erect a wall along the southern border will resolve the illegal immigration problem, then you must also believe that:

  1. The secret to a slim toned body is putting a lock on your refrigerator
  2. Locking up people with drug addiction will solve the problem of illegal drug use
  3. Crime can best be addressed by building more prisons and longer sentences
  4. A person can truly appreciate great literature buy reading brief descriptions of books on Amazon
  5. Good health has nothing to do with what you eat 
  6. Evangelical-right wing Christians who believe Trump is a godsend are genuinely good proponents of the teachings of Jesus Christ and have no prejudices or political agenda
  7. Climate change is a myth fabricated by Al Gore and the UN to make life more difficult for good people
  8. If women are not equal to men in regard to physical strength, they must be inferior mentally as well 
  9. Women should subordinate themselves to men
  10. Men have stronger libido needs then women and must be cut some slack if on occasion they are too assertive in imposing themselves sexually on women
  11. Mitch McConnell is the fairest, intelligent, honest elected majority leader in the history of the Republic  (Just ask President Obama and Merrick Garland!)
  12. We should pay no attention to Bill Cosby’s long history of drugging and raping women and appreciate the artificial character he personified in his TV shows and in Jello commercials
  13. Fox News is the most professional, honest, objective, fair source of news in America today
  14. If he were here today, Jesus Christ would be a Republican
  15. Rudy Giuliani is the single greatest lawyer in America today and can’t spin facts if his life depended on it
  16. Rush Limbaugh has never told a lie and struggles daily to be a model of virtue and honesty to his family, community and listeners
  17. The Black Lives Matter movement is not about civil rights or the profiling of African-American but denigrating law enforcement
  18. Gay people are just perverts who made up some silliness about having a different sexual orientation
  19. The Republican Party stands for fairness, inclusion and justice for all American regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, gender or sexual orientation
  20. Donald J. Trump is the wisest, most honest, most competent President in American history