I suspect that like me, many people find themselves struggling everyday to absorb the never-ending flow of bad news and disharmony that is the state of our world.  One of the many reasons I started doing volunteer work some years ago was to ensure that I’d have a few moments each week when I feel like this challenging journey is worthwhile.

One of the greatest gifts the Source of all life and love has given to humanity are the creative arts.  Words, music, artistic creations of every shape and size emote feelings of joy and wonder that take us from the mundane to the transcendent. 

Watching this performance of the Angel City Chorale inspired a simple prayer: 

God on high, I don’t need wealth or the acquisition of objects, toys and things of value to bring me joy.  I need moments like this to feel and know You are there and want us to love one another and celebrate Your countless blessings with joy.  May we be worthy of such moments of awe every single day that we are permitted to enjoy Your very first blessing, the breath of life.  Amen