Please don’t tell me to respect people with a different point of view when their point of view is supporting a BIGOTED, BOISTEROUS, BOORISH, BUFFOON like Trump.  Incompetence and stupidity is one thing, but he is making it quite obvious with each passing day that as dangergous traitors go, he makes Benedict Arnold look like a harmless misfit.

Thank you Robert De Niro for not pulling your punches.  And yes, this child and grandchild of Holocaust survivors has no hesitation or reservation comparing Donald Trump and his BASKET OF DEPLORABLES to Hitler and the Nazis.  These people are committed to building a free nation based to democracy, freedom and inclusion of all?  And Mussolini made the trains run on time and Hitler “solved” the Jewish problem once and for all.  Let’s hear it for the accomplishments of hateful, autocratic malcontents!