scopeShortly after Trump was elected POTUS, I was so angry and perplexed that people would vote for such a dishonest, compulsive liar that I suggested in a FB post that I thought it would be fair for HR people to ask potential hires if he/she had voted for Trump? After all, how trustworthy is someone who is compelled to ignore the deceit of another?  A friend who is an attorney responded that it would be illegal to discriminate in hiring on the basis of political views.

So here it is 18 months later and Trump not only continues to lie on a daily basis but he out-right contradicts previous lies. So again I beg the question, if you are in the position of having to hire someone you hope will not only fulfill a specific job description but has the kind of moral character you believe will always put the truth ahead of partisanship or self-interest, would you hire someone who May 3, 2018 still believes Donald Trump is an upstanding, ethical leader who can be trusted?

Please, share your thoughts.

(All points of view welcome!)

Donald Trump claims ignorance over Stormy Daniels payment

Donald Trump told reporters on 5 April that he doesn’t know the details surrounding a payment made by his lawyer, Michael Cohen, to adult film actor Stormy Daniels.


1. President Trump contradicted his earlier statements that he knew nothing of a payment to Stormy Daniels, the pornographic film actress who says she had an affair with him.

Fox News host Neil Cavuto rips Trump for ‘muddying the waters’ of the ‘swamp’