Oprah Winfrey was on the Van Jones show last night and tried in her always eloquent, compassionate way to make the case that we progressives make a terrible mistake assuming all Trump supporters are militant racists who don’t respect us.  

According to America’s most popular celebrity, liberals are too quick to be hostile and judgemental of Trump supporters who bring different concerns and priorities into the voting booth.

I can acknowledge that. But when confronted with the question, how do you reconcile your support for Trump with all his lies and inconsistent statements,  Van Jones and Oprah concurred that Trump supporters say they just “ignore that stuff.”

Really? So Musollini made the trains run on time and Hitler rearmed and brought self- respect back to their respective countries……. and everything else they did or said that was dishonest, immoral and evil should be written off as “stuff to be ignored?”

Yes, I know Oprah wasn’t suggesting we give Trump a pass on his insane verbiage or half-assed leadership. But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna be warm fuzzy with people who voted for him because they simply “were worried about their jobs. ” 

 My vote isn’t exclusively about my personal financial needs any more than my practice of Judaism is about getting in good with God so I’ll be blessed. If everything in your life is about pursuing successful transactional relationships, your value system is fucked, to put it mildly.  

Yes, Oprah, I will try harder not get angry with or devote a lot of my time to denigrating Trump supporters.  But don’t ask me to respect people who turned our country over to one of the most dangerous, incompetent charlatans to ever sit in the Oval Office.  How can they ever be trusted again?