Until today, I thought of America and Americans as a civilized nation composed of mostly, civilized people. On the NPR broadcast of All Things Considered, Ken Paxton the Attorney General of Texas said the answer to the murder of 26 innocent souls at prayer in a church on Sunday is more guns.

Paxton suggested that conceal and carry laws were all about people protecting themselves from a situation like the one worshippers in Sutherland Springs found themselves in this past Sunday.

When a State Attorney General, the most important law enforcement official in a state tells people they must walk around armed all the time, even in their house worship, he is actually saying that society has become so uncivilized that the government can no longer be depended upon to protect its own citizens.

open+carry1313499177If that is so, it means we are no longer a nation ruled by law; if that is so it means that we can no longer count on the majority of our fellow citizens to be civilized; that means that we are a barbaric people that cannot be trusted; that means we are not a community of reasonable people but a collection of people living in fear who can only trust their lives and future to their gun.

Have things really gotten that bad or, was Ken Paxton actually verbalizing the hideous, unconscionable hope of the NRA and it’s ravenously-greedy financial backers in the gun industry who would love to see guns become as much a necessity to the average American as carrying a cell phone?

No thanks.  Not this American.  Not today, tomorrow or ever. I’ll use my words, love, respect and faith in my fellow human beings to survive.  I will not be a consumer of their fears and plans. 

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

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