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Russell Reeves asked the police to back-off

Does one need to be a mental health professional to know that the wrong way to respond to a distraught, unhappy person who is simply trying to get some sleep is to show up at his home with a SWAT TEAM, DOZENS OF POLICEMEN AND ARMOURED VEHICLES?

The fact that 26-year-old Austin Reeves happened to have legally owned a handgun didn’t mean he was about to kill himself or anyone else.  If we follow the logic employed by Hingham, MA police department in this case, anytime a gun owner gets depressed or agitated, law enforcement must assume he/she poses a lethal threat to himself or others.

Austin’s Dad, Russell repeatedly asked the police to back off and not treat his home as being under siege.  They didn’t listen.  They broke the windows to Austin’s bedroom and demanded he come out.  He chose to use his gun, on himself.

This was a totally unnecessary death.  This suicide was brought about by gross police incompetence.

Read the Boston Globe story and view the accompanying video.