This latest ad from the NRA makes it official:  The National Rifle Association is no longer simply a lobbying organization for gun owners or the gun industry, the NRA is a White-Nationalist-Political organization.



Wayne LaPierre the Executive Director of the National Rifle Association just may be the only person in America who makes Donald Trump look like a sane, reasonable person.

After you watch this video think about this: Imagine if an African-American or Latino civil rights organization made a video that suggested that conservative politicians pose a serious threat to our Constitution and civil liberties? How would Americans react? With fear? This skepticism? How would Americans react Black Lives Matter encouraging their members to arm themselves against white people?

This video is not only a dishonest, hateful, inciteful piece of shameless propaganda, but it is intentionally promoting hate and violence against anyone who is not in favor of unfettered gun ownership and doesn’t believe America is the white man’s country.  NRA members who call themselves patriots should be ashamed of this video.  This isn’t about the 2nd Amendment, this video is direct attack on freedom of speech, the right to disagree with the NRA and most definitely, the truth.  Why does the NRA always seem to be promoting a 5th Column of fearful, confused, angry gun owners?