imgresSitting in a restaurant Sunday evening, I could help but overhear a gentleman on his cell phone discuss FBI Director Comey’s announcement about not finding anything new in the latest batch of emails they reviewed.  “They must have found dirt on Obama” he said to whomever, “Comey announced that they are backing off on the investigation.”

What he didn’t say was: They found nothing to charge Hillary with.

What he did say which is most definitely the intent of Right Wing media outlets and the Trump Campaign is that the truth won’t get out because of the liberal conspiracy to take over and destroy America. 

So it came as no surprise to me when I came home the same evening,  to find this email from the Trump Campaign to their loyal supporters:


Make America Great Again

You knew it all along, didn’t you Friend?

Hillary Clinton is under fire from the FBI for her history of lies and corruption. The voters are seeing the ugly truth about her now, but the fact is, YOU and other fed-up patriots knew what Hillary Clinton was all about from the beginning.

And you know what? So did Mr. Trump. He ran for president to stop Hillary Clinton from continuing the left-wing assault against the American people.

Help Mr. Trump defeat her and give you the strong leadership you deserve – make one generous donation ASAP.

Right now, Crooked Hillary is counting on her huge warchest to drag her to victory.

But Mr. Trump is counting on the movement of real Americans like you to power our Get-Out-The-Vote operation down this final stretch.

So every dollar you donate right now will help build the wall, deport violent illegal aliens, bring back jobs from China, fix the VA, stand up against the DC lobbyists, and everything else that Hillary Clinton cannot and will not do.

So please help close out this race strong – make one donation today.

Just a few days to go and polls are close, Friend. Let’s win this together.

Katrina Pierson
National Spokesperson

Is everyone in America clear about this?  This Presidential race is about two candidates with different opinions on important issues of the day.  This Presidential race is not about whether America chooses a more conservative or liberal thinker for the next fourimgres-1 years.

No, this Presidential race is about stopping an evil cabal of left-wingers who are trying to destroy and take America away from “REAL AMERICANS.”  Liberal Democrats are not “real Americans,” they’re evil people who are not telling the truth about the diabolical things they are up to.  And what they are up to is evil.  And no surprise, you know that President Barack Obama is the chief conspirator.

If you’re a real American by supporting the Trump Campaign you are fighting to save America from the millions of evil people who conspiring against you.     

imagesIs this what the GOP has come to?

Is democracy no longer a noble choice between different ideas and visions but between good citizens and evil citizens?  Between friends and neighbors who know the “truth” and those who conspiring to do harmful things to REAL AMERICANS?   

Even if Hillary wins on Tuesday, the seeds of hate, mistrust, paranoia and possibly violence have been planted into the soil of the American psyche.  Will Republicans continue to tend that noxious garden as they have been for decades? Or will reasonable, patriotic, ethical minds wrest control of the Grand Old Party and work constructively and positively to restore sanity to America’s democracy?