Conservative Christian Mike Pence with a renown sex offender.

I just heard an interview with Mike Pence on TV in which he celebrated Trump’s performance in the second debate. When the interviewer pointed out that he, Pence had indicated over the weekend that like many, he was offended and troubled by Trump’s shameful language in the now infamous recording, Pence indicated that he was comfortable with Trump’s apology and contrition.  

The interviewer didn’t let up and kept pressing Pence about how women have reacted to the video, how many Republicans have withdrawn their support for Trump, etc. Pence, like a good politician just kept changing the subject: “If Americans really want change, they have to focus on the issues and not personalities. If you want 4 more years of….etc.  If you want more of what Clinton and Hillary have done to this country…….”

The pronounced hypocrisy of of so many “Christian,” family values, conservatives like Pence  is beyond all comprehension. God and the Bible aren’t about love and justice, God and the Bible are the tools they use to protect their parochial lives and sit in judgement of all those who challenge their intolerance. When all’s said and done, Christian values don’t mean jack-shit to the Mike Pence’s of America, they are no more religious than the bricks and mortar of the churches they attend on Sunday. Survival and destroying  perceived enemies are all that matter.

God must be thrilled to be used as a petty weapon instead of being celebrated as the Eternal source of love, tolerance, hope and justice.