Yes they are out there. I meet them all the time in my travels in the real world and in online encounters: Jews who disdain Arabs and Muslims collectively.  How can members of a persecuted minority hate another people?  For all the same reasons millions of people support most popular demagogues in the America of Donald Trump:  The Muslim world doesn’t include 1.6 billion individuals, it’s a community composed of murdering terrorists out to kill non-Muslims, destroy democracy and impose Sharia law on humanity. Resorting to tribalism by profiling entire religions, races, ethnic groups, etc. is so much easier to fall back on than seeing all the elements of a complicated world and allowing oneself to recognize the humanity of strangers. 

Of course, for many less sophisticated  Jews, animus for  Muslims in general and Arabs, in particular, is energized by Israel’s painful birth and longstanding conflict with its Arab neighbors and displaced Palestinians.  Deserved or not, for many Jewish people Arabs are heirs to the demonic genocidal anti-Semitic legacy of the Nazis.

Kudos Nicholas Kristof for his column in today’s New York Times in which he accurately  and appropriately compares the plight of Arab children and the immortalized story of Anne Frank, a Jewish girl in Nazi occupied Europe who found all doors to safety and survival closed to her and her family.

(reprinted from the 8/25/20016 New York Times)

Anne Frank, left. At right, Rouwaida Hanoun, a Syrian 5-year-old who was wounded during an airstrike on Aleppo last week. CreditLeft, Anne Frank Fonds — Basel, via  via Getty Images

Anne Frank Today Is a Syrian Girl