I’m so glad this story come from a Mormon publication that is certainly not known for hillary-clintonsupporting Democratic or liberal causes.  Knowing she was always interested in the Oval Office, Republicans and their propaganda outlets like Fox Noise having been trying to tar and feather Hillary for more than 3 decades now as a dishonest, untrustworthy character.

So here comes an objective writer and publication that takes a hard-factual look based on fact checking speeches to see which politicians on the American stage at the moment are telling the truth and which are shoveling BS. Would you be shocked to learn the politicians who lie the most often are also the ones who love to invoke Jesus, the Bible and family values more often than a pharmaceutical commercial appears on network nightly news?

And to my friends and readers who love mounting the moral equivalency throne whenever they can, E.G.  they all lie! Ya can’t trust any politician; the Democrats are no better than the Republicans when it comes to telling the truth, I say:

suck a lemon

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