fox-banner-b-200-cocOne of the great joys of my life is doing group work at a senior adult residence on Tuesday afternoons.  We devote most of our discussion to current events. Of course our conversation today included discussion about the tragic killing of 5 policemen in Dallas last weekend.

One of the men in the group blamed the Black Lives Matter organization for the tragedy; they promote hate and violence against white people and cops, he angrily declared.

By any chance, I asked him, do watch Fox News?  “YES!” he responded, what does that have to do with this? 

With more anger and passion than a professional social worker should bring to group work, I suggested to the 32 people in the room that,

If you want to get your news from reliable sources, you don’t watch Fox Noise.  Fox is in the business of promoting hate, racism, nativism, xenophobia and any other despicable isms you might associate with right-wing extremists. It is certainly not a reliable, objective source of news and information.  Further, I said, knowing my face was turning red, it is my firm belief that Fox does incredible harm to American society when it intentionally misinforms Americans, engages in political spin; intentionally tries to destroy the reputation of liberals and any people of goodwill that conservatives have political differences with.  The comment “John” made is indicative of how Fox turns Americans against one another when it suggests that members of a particular race, religion, or political organization are indirectly indirectly responsible for tragic events like Dallas.  That is not journalism, that is political propaganda or the worst kind

I of course went on to tell the group how quickly the Black Lives Matter organization condemned and distanced themselves from mass murder of Dallas Policemen.

  • Shame on everyone who works at Fox.
  • Shame on every sponsor who makes Fox Noise possible.
  • Shame on every person who agrees to be interviewed or provide a news story to Fox.
  • Shame on every Republican politician who knows he/she can use Fox to promote lies and misinformation about others



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