The other day a conservative GOP type suggested to me that President Obama’s unwillingness to associate terrorism with radical Islam was indicative of his weak leadership.  I responded that the President has affirmed his determination to destroy all extremists groups that  engage in terrorism.  Our battle is with evil, not Islam.  I concluded my point by acknowledging that there are evil people in every major religion who use their faith to justify murdering innocent people.  The President doesn’t want our war against evil to be used to promote Islamophobia.

Is there no better example of religious hypocrisy than the conservative clergy, Evangelical Christians and others who would have you to believe that they strictly adhere to the teachings of  their faith but, by the way, they support Donald Trump?

  • Since when is promoting enmity for people acceptable to God?
  • Since when is suggesting that the non-violent behavior of people warrants a violent response in keeping with Judeo-Christian values?
  • Since when is suggesting all members of one nationality or one religion are evil in keeping with the teachings of any god, any holy scripture or ethical traditions?


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