cruzWhat do these 3 men have in common?  They are intentionally using hate to provoke angry simple people.  It’s 2016 America.  How is that bigotry is still such an acceptable, potent political strategy for politicians and professional provocateurs to employ?  Have our schools failed? Have scared, impotent conservative religious leaders  who know their thinking and preaching is out step with the times contributed ted nugent2to this climate of fear, blame and intolerance?

Has having an African-American President who is more loyal to universal values of love and respect than tribal chauvinism and hate pushed some Americans to the breaking point?

Is the ever diminishing power and influence of the White conservative Christian Americans pushed some to engage  in a holy-war for the heart and soul of this country?

Maybe the more important question is, are reasonable moderates, liberals, progressive and tolerant conservatives willing and able to address this dangerous challenge to America’s moral compass?

Ted Nugent


Obama Oklahoma
Since launching his bid for the Presidency, Donald Trump has intentionally used bigotry to attract supporters.  It’s hard to identify a religion, a race, a nationality or even the residents of particular state that Trump has not spoken of in a  hateful, disparaging way.


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