President Obama

President Obama today went back to where it all started, Springfield, IL.

Also today, one of my conservative friends who believes Israel can never do anything wrong; Obama is anti-Semitic, anti-American, anti-West, anti-Israel, a closet Muslim, etc…… sent me an email with a link to an article from a right wing publication that suggested that Obama had had scuttled a trade bill because he objected to a clause that penalized any countries banning trade with Israeli companies in the occupied territories.

NOT TRUE.  The White House voiced objection to the clauses in the trade bill that included such provisions that are “contrary to longstanding US policy regarding the settlements on the West Bank,” but clearly indicated that  the bill was too important and the  spirit of bipartisanship and compromise the President will sign the trade bill into law. 

Wait a second.  It’s not possible that a right-wing Israeli publication that loves to inflame anti-Obama, anti-liberal sentiments among their very reasonable, sophisticated readership would dare lie about a trade bill being rejected?  Right wing media the world over are renown for the fairness and objectivity, right?
Judge for yourself.
My friend’s only comment in the email he sent that included the link to the Arutz Sheva article with me was:

“Hi Mitch

Your bud – anti Israel piece of shit”

My friend is BTW an educated, successful professional. So how is it that I can look at Barack Obama and see one of the most brilliant, humane, noble people to ever sit in the Oval Office and so many others are genuinely convinced he’s evil incarnate? Obviously, the values that Barack Obama believes in and promotes in his words and deeds profoundly offend many people.

The very reasons that inspire so many to disdain the man are probably the very reasons I admire the him.  And what do you think actually does matter  to educated thinking people who believe Obama is a piece of shit?  Is the misleading Arutz Sheva article a clue to the problem or just a symptom of a passion so profound that the truth is often treated as an inconvenience?