Zionism is not hate.001

To hear the current Israeli government tell it, most Arabs hate Jews, most Arabs are associated with terrorism in one way or another, Israel is a democracy  for Jews –not necessarily others, criticizing government policy is tantamount to treason, there are no reasonable Palestinians to negotiate with, we will tell the world we support a 2 state solution but there’s no way we’re going to let that happen, it’s OK if we make life hell for the 2.5 million Palestinians without national citizenship who are living under military occupation for the past 49 years -it’s their own fault we have to treat so harshly.

Some of us just don’t agree.  In fact, some of us don’t believe this current right-wing government is being true to the ideals and teaching of Zionism and Judaism.  Ask Prime Minister Netanyahu and the other members of his government, who are the “real Israelis” that he respects and values?  Which people under their rule are entitled to the rights of citizens in a free and open democracy?

“One thing they didn’t take into account: without Arabs, without leftists, without seculars, without Mizrahim, without Tel Avivim, without LGBT, without a care for the poor — there is no Israel.”