Fox Noise host Andrea Tantaros suggested POTUS used a raw onion to cry.

Two unrelated stories were making the rounds online on January 5th:  President Obama’s emotional plea for responsible gun controls and a video of an African-American judge in Kentucky being called a “n*gger” in his courtroom.

Conservative pundits mocked Obama’s tearful remarks as disingenuous and inappropriate.  One of the many professional demagogues on Fox Noise who pose as professional journalists went so far as to suggest that the President brought a raw onion to the event so he could cry on cue.

I would like to invite the world to join me in showing zero tolerance for those people who time and again sincerely question the loyalty and humanity of President Barack Obama and then passionately deny that race has absolutely nothing to do with their vitriol,  they just disagree with his politics.


Anyone who believes that the 45th President of the United States is any of the following, deserves exactly what that the dumbass white cracker in a KY courtroom got yesterday (see video below). Obama is a: dictator, socialist, a Muslim, not a US citizen, wants to destroy the State of Israel, is really an agent for radical Islam, is in collusion with Iran,  was selling weapons to Muslim radicals out of the US Consulate in Benghazi, took his oath of office on the Koran, is still determined to take your God-approved gun, is anti-Semitic,  hates most white people in general and Christians in particular,…… etc.