Gideon Levy

Israel and too many of her friends and supporters subscribe to some ideas that are poisoning the Zionist dream:

  1. Jews are God’s Chosen people and therefore have God’s blessings to do anything deemed  “self-defense”
  2. All criticism of Israel is motivated by anti-Semitism
  3. The world let the Holocaust happen so the world must still be against the Jews when criticizing Israel
  4. After the Holocaust, it’s not possible that Jews can do anything wrong or be persecutors of other people
  5. All Arabs hate Jews and given a chance, will kill a Jew
  6. Israel’s emergency humanitarian response teams to sites of natural disasters the world over are proof that Israel is not  racist or guilty of administering an apartheid regime on the West Bank
  7. The U.S. and friends of Israel the world over are doing a mitzvah by unconditionally supporting Israel politically and financially
  8. The military occupation of 3 million Palestinians for the past 5 decades is the fault of the Arabs
  9. Israel is the safest place on Earth and all Jews should move there
  10. Israel will be destroyed by Iran at any moment